Class Two

Week Two // Friday 3rd September, 2016

Description of work completed today/this week

This week was dedicated to getting the board prepared for some painting! I came in early and did a quick “before hand sand” to make sure there were no major splinters that the kids could get themselves caught into – students who were ahead with their artwork for Michelle or had been doing well during the week were chosen to assist me in preparing the board which meant sanding and priming; both prosesses were explained with a note about not getting primer on their school uniforms (which of course some did). Five individuals helped with the sanding and the priming whilst others were put to the task of sanding down wooden discs that will be utilized later in the project as an organic frame for the final finished work! The final background design was also shown to the kids in colour, giving them a more sound idea of how the board will look, giving them a goal to aim for.

Outcomes achieved

Our board preparation was a success, the students very enthusiastic about preparing the board for painting (which will commence next week). I was also very pleased with how many wooden discs were prepared also, the students focussing on the task and working well to achieve a great amount of work in such a small space of time. I feel they have a grasp of the short time frame we are working with, with a sense of controlled urgency within the class.



How do I feel about today’s experience?

I feel today went extremely well and that we achieved everything we set out to and a little more, considering how much sanding the kids got done!

What have I learned about the children’s needs?

I learnt that they need to be reminded in regards to their surroundings, in this case the primer. Even though they were following instruction and wearing art shirts, white smudges were still found through out the room from shoes and on a couple of student’s clothing (which was immedietly washed out) – this brought to my attention the need to consistently observe not only the children, but the things they are working with to make sure spills or other accidents are avoided – no matter how capable they are!

How am I going with my objectives and meeting my placement goals?

We are on schedule with what we want to achieve, next week our aim is to complete the majority of main background colour so that fine details can be added the following week quickly and eaisily. I feel in terms of working with the studetns, I am being inclusive of everyone and making sure that each students gets a go at something and feels they played a part in the making of our artwork.

What feedback has my mentor given and how can I incorporate his/her recommendations?

Michelle is giving me direction with how to handle any situations where I am unsure of what to do, and advising me about things that could change if it was done again. For example, having less kids sanding at once due to the dust from the wood going all over the floor and themselves, instead devising a rotation roster so that a reasonable amount of students are doing something at any one time.

Michelle “showing off” my work


What do I need to do now?

Our next step is painting the background, so I have to check what paint colours we have available and what I may need to get. I will also be going out and finding some textured sponge brushes to work on the painting with.

What implications arise from today’s work?

I need to be aware of the environmental factors of the classroom and the equipment students are using to avoid mess or damage to any property. Allocating schedules for jobs where many students are owkring may also be a good idea to try!


What is the next step or way forward?

The next step is to find the ideal brushes for the background and find out from Michelle what colours we have available for me to work with. I also have to find away to get the outline of the image onto the board in a short amount of time.

Other comments/thoughts/reflections?

Loving this project! I can’t wait to see some  colour happening on our freshly primed base!



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